Private Commissions

Your own Personal Touch - Do you have a personal request? A particular design in mind? Private Commissions at request is an option. Contact Jessie to discuss your ideas. The commission process is easy and involves communicating openly with the artist to get a realistic idea of what your request will involve in terms of creation time, artwork scale and costing. Your project will be tailored to your requests, space and budget.

Give your Sentimental Crockery  New Life -  Do you have any crockery with sentimental value stored away in cupboards or collecting dust on shelves?

Jessie has given such items a new life for a number of clients. Using family treasures of the crockery kind to create meaningful artwork for them proved to be a creative means of giving it a new life, a new context and a new place in their home.

Made with Love and Care - If you are interested in finding out more about commissioning Jessie to create something new just for you and/or to give new life to your sentimental crockery, the first step is yours: contact Jessie at or click on the button below or visit Jessie's Instagram or Facebook page to get in touch.

Private Commissions
Image via Cathy Ronalds Photography